Unique Uses for a Toyota Truck

Tulips in an old Toyota truck

When you’re the owner of a Toyota truck, you’ll find that this vehicle offers up a variety of unique uses. It essentially pays for itself when you consider all that it enables you to do. Exceed your expectations time and time again and receive all that you need in a vehicle with a new or used Toyota truck.

Truck Bed Swimming Pool

That’s right. When the sun’s heat comes out to play, your truck can keep you cool in a number of ways. Crank up the force of your air conditioner, or opt for a DIY backyard swimming pool!

Simply purchase a tarp and pull the elastic liner over the corners of the truck. Then, fill the truck bed halfway with water. Now, put on your swimming suit and you’re ready to relax!

Caution: Water is a lot heavier than it seems. In fact, if you completely fill your truck bed with water, it would be much heavier than filling your truck bed with wood or asphalt! This exceeds your truck’s payload capacity and is far more than your truck can take. Therefore, if you are going to make a truck bed swimming pool, it is vital that you don’t fill it more than half way.

Food Truck

Do you have a love for cooking? Use your Toyota truck to get your business off of the ground by turning it into a food truck.

1.) Clean out the vehicle and mark out the layout of the truck.

2.) Set up the electrical wiring that will be necessary to operate the business. Be sure to have an experienced technician handle this to best ensure that you won’t have unforeseen issues with your truck’s wiring.

3.) Reinforce the interior through “framing”. Aluminum is the recommended material for this process, as it is light-weight and durable.

4.) Load up and install the equipment. Depending on what you’re looking to do on your food truck, a refrigerator, freezer, and sink might be essential.

5.) Hire an experienced plumber to set up or check the plumbing of your truck. The sinks need to be connected to a fresh water tank and a dump valve must be installed.

6.) Set up a generator so that you can power up your equipment.

7.) Make the finishing aesthetic touches and get ready to open for business!

Plant a Transportable Garden

You can grow plants right in your truck! Grab some tarp, soil, and your choice of fresh vegetables or flowers. Then, plant and water as you would in any garden.


Whether you need a truck for one of these unique purposes or to cruise the city in, we’ve got you covered. Stop by and see the professionals here at Kinsel Toyota in Beaumont, TX and allow us to get you into the high-quality Toyota truck of your dreams. We look forward to assisting you with your purchase.